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Moonlight Icontest

Tall, dark...and immortal.

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An icontest for the former CBS show Moonlight
Welcome to moonlight_ic, an icontest for CBS' show, Moonlight.

Official Contest Time
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Created by: lady_boromir
Mods: winifred_ish and heartagram_lala
Banner-makers: chris4short and azangal_icons
Header made by: crazy_in_lost

Basic Rules
1. You have to be a member to enter, but not to vote.
2. Do not show your icon to anyone until after the winners are announced.
3. All icons have to fit LJ limits.
4. Keep the icons clean - this should be obvious to you.
5. Host your icon in a place that allows direct linking. Your icon will not be posted if the image doesn't show up.
6. Your entered has to be new and not posted or entered elsewhere.
7. If you would like to use an icon, reply in the post where winners are announced. Note that just because you asked, it doesn't mean you can use the icon(s). Be courteous of the iconmaker's wishes.
How to Enter
1. There will only be a picture challenge, and the maximum number of entries you can enter will be in the challenge post.
2. Enter new icons that you make.
3. Post the icon AND its URL. Like this:

4. You may change your entries, add more, take some away, etc., as long as you do it before the deadline. Post your submissions in one comment - it's easier for us. If you change your icons, just delete the previous comment.
1. Do not vote for yourself or get others to vote for you.
2. There are 6 categories to win for:
+ first
+ second
+ third
+ most creative
+ best cropping
+ mod's choice

(more will be added or subtracted depending number of entries)
The contest time is in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +00), click here for the contest time.

+ Monday - Challenges Posted
+ Monday-Saturday - Entries Submitted
+ Sunday-Tuesday - Voting
+ Tuesday-Friday - Winners, banners.
If you would like to affiliate with us, post a comment here! Thanks!
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